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Friday, January 26, 2018

Highlands FM

Online Highlands FM Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry. And you're really taking your time. clears throat Hey. My sister's just feeling a little bit overheated, you know. She doesn't understand the stress that a cashier is under. Why don't you go get yourself a little gumball? There's so many, they're so pretty, so many varieties. Come on. Yes the amount of pressure that cashiers face every day, all day, unrecognized. I'm a sales associate. Sales, right, of course. I'm so sorry, sales associate. Yes. What was your name? I'm Ford. Like the car. Oh that is a cool name. Well I'm Emma and that's rattling That's Mildred. Having a bit of a day. Oh there it is. I watch a lot of food TV you know, like cooking challenge shows, recipe shows, chef personality shows. My friend Remy once told me about a show where they made chefs fight at the end. I was like Remy that can't be real, he's like it is. I'm like alright, 'cause I'll believe anything, but I wouldn't doubt it. Cool. Yeah. That's really cool. Anyway I also got a crazy memory for recipes. I just retain 'em and I can just spout off like recipes right off the top of my head, it's weird. Well I would love to hear that. Yeah there's this one pasta pesto dish I been dying to make. I can give you the recipe if you want it. Would you? Thank you so much. Hi. Hi. You wanna pass me that bag and I'll start bagging? Oh thanks Mills. Yeah just you know do something to get us outta here. I'll write this up for you right now, miss. Pesto. I don't even know what is in pesto. So you just get it premade, you just Yeah they have like jars of it. So pesto, pasta. Big water. Five salts. Yep. So is that? You know what, yeah, that sounds good. text notifications dinging What the hell? Oh my god! Sue me for having like one person to send a text to. Albert is not turning on. Well did you stall him? Would you like to try? I would love to actually. engine sputtering What can I say? He has bad days. He's been doing really good so far. We've gotten this far, haven't we? I cannot believe you. How can this possibly be my fault?

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