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Monday, January 22, 2018

Hit Radio 87.6 FM

Online Hit Radio 87.6 FM internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I think you should take that off. pensive music Ah. Okay. I think we should play a game. A game? Mm hmm. It's called tiny thefts. Okay. Here's how it goes. We each do a lap around the diner on our way to the restroom or whatever. And we steal something small, we bring it back to the table and we compare and whoever stole the best thing gets a prize. Emma I'm not gonna steal something. You don't know what the prize is. Okay, what's the prize? One million dollars. No it's not. Winner gets to drive. No. Top bunk. Okay. Yes. Tiny thefts. You go first. No no no no. No nubes go first. You literally just made this game up, how are there rules? Oh and it has to fit in the palm of your hand. What, are you kidding me? These are the rules. Excuse me. murmuring Can you eat something else? Yeah, of course I can eat something else, I always can eat something else. chuckles How about them Belgian waffles? What are you thinking? No man, I'm too full. Some key lime pie? You don't need any more. Oh my god, oh my god, I did it! Real suave. I did it! Is that a wallet? No no no no, you're supposed to steal something small like a salt shaker or something. What? Yeah no what happens when these people wanna pay for their check? Oh yeah. You have to go put that back. Well I haven't gone yet, and I'm pretty sure I would win because I wouldn't do something that would get us Oh definitely not. Oh you have no idea. You can't even just let me win. There's so many tiny things! It was your stupid idea in the first place! My stupid idea wasn't to steal somebody's money it was just to steal somebody's Do you like me? I guess I like you. You're prettier than me, take it. That is insane, I am not Take it. Why? Excuse me ma'am. Were you just over there by my mama? Seems like we're missing something. I Now I'm gonna ask you nicely to give it back! You know we're good people. There wasn't much money in there anyways. laughing Oh my god! What's wrong with her? I'm so sorry, here. Thank you. She just left a man at the alter and they've been together for almost a decade.

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