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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mixx FM 94.5

Online Mixx FM 94.5 Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I just Anyways, Millie I'm gonna give you time. But just say the word and I'm there. I love you, hope to talk to you soon. Emma. creaking Emma. farts Emma! Gross. gentle music Hello! screams Oh my god are you okay? What's wrong? What? groans Emma are you serious? I thought something terrible had happened in here! It did! Oh my god, sometimes I forget that you're still a child. Oh my god, that's a big spider. Grow up. Come here little spider. Come on. There we go. Whoa. shouting Speak for yourself. Bye. Okay I'm hungry, let's go to Dolly's. What? No, no can we just stay here for a little bit longer? No, I'm starving. Let's go. I'm so tired. Oh my god. I can't move. Thank you. cows mooing gentle music Hey Mom. Hi honey. Did you get my texts? You holding up okay? Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, thanks for asking. Thanks for everything by the way. [Mom] Of course. I wanted to say I'm so sorry I yelled. I was so stressed, but you know what? We worked it all out and everyone took home a mini cupcake so all was not lost, right? Oh well that's nice. [Mom] Yeah. Where are you? Do you want me to come be with you? No. No no no no. I just I need some space, you know? We're at Grandma's. [Mom] I remember when your dad and I split. I went to Orlando for a week. Have you seen Charlie? [Mom] Yeah, I saw him right as he was leaving. And, how is he, is he okay? [Mom] Uh yeah? I guess. How okay could he be? I don't understand what happened between you two. Honestly. We just weren't meant to be, Mom. [Mom] Okay, you just seemed so happy. And honey you know all I want in the world is your happiness, right? Uh yeah, I know. [Mom] Good, good sweetheart, I'm glad. Hey how's Emma, are you guys getting along? She's good. Good. No she's great, she's taking good care of me. laughs Really? Oh! I didn't get a chance to tell you. Do not let her drive, okay? What? [Mom] Yeah she can't drive right now. You gotta be kidding me, why? [Mom] She got a DUI and her license was suspended. Mom. [Mom] She can't know you know. She's so embarrassed by it. Just insist on driving, okay lovey?

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