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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mixx FM 98.5

Online Mixx FM 98.5 Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. Well he wanted to. But if I get in, I would move in the fall. Millie that is such a big deal. I know. laughing There is this historic prosecutor who lectures there. I'd really like to be the tough guy. You are a tough guy. laughing Yeah, we'll see. You're gonna be a real grown up. I don't know about that. Charlie and I spent so much time talking about Tupperware and sofas and cable providers. Mmm, cable providers. Sounds like such a time, I hope you used protection. [Millie] Ha ha. No really, I had this one friend who dabbled in cable providers and got a nasty [Millie] Okay, got it. It sounds nice. Yeah it was nice. Just wasn't what I thought it'd be. Everything's different now. Hey remember our girl gang? Yeah I still have the lyric book. Only the greatest punk rock band there ever was. Mom must have thought we were actually insane. Oh I will never forget you in those platform sneakers telling her off. I object! Emma has as much right to a crop top as anyone! You were a lawyer even then. Really proud of you. I haven't gotten in yet. You will. This is so weird. Emma, you and me. We don't talk anymore. soft country music Steven used to be obsessed with this song. Used to say that it reminded him of me. Yeah whatever happened to Steven? We grew apart. I'm sorry babe. Dad made me a mix tape. No way. Yeah. That is too good. I don't think he knew what to say. Dad's cheer up mix. Is it weird that I want one? It's mostly Patsy Cline. Huh, Patsy Cline, classy broad. She's the patron saint of country heartbreak. I go out walkin' After midnight Searchin' for you Searchin' for you, that's right. light music Girl gang! dings Ooh. ice rumbling So what are you thinking? I was thinking a little grape, maybe a little Pepper. Hmm. Maybe finish off with a little Sprite. See I'm a Sprite base. Orange, and hint of lemonade guy myself. Wow, sounds very pink. I'm comfortable with my uality. I bet you are. moaning Where you from? Kansas City. This is kinda gross? You don't like being kissed there? No no I love that, this place that we're in is a little bit gross.

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