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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Online Radio DemonFM, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site ,We're well out of range. ,What a dangerous bunch. They're maniacs. ,And seeing that they launched three at once, they're well equipped too. ,They're directly above that U-boat. ,We can't do a damned thing. ,All soldiers line up in position! Standby for the Commander's instructions! ,Gentlemen! My beloved braves of the White Aryan Socialist Union. ,Today, at this moment, you will witness ,the creation of a new world! ,In one stroke, we will reclaim the great order that was lost ,in the great war due to the interference of the Zionists and Communists. ,True patriots are counting on you, gentlemen on the front lines! ,This is an act of courage for strict order and patriotism! ,To restore the racial hierarchy to the way it was meant to be! ,Suicide Corps, salute! ,Kruppen Feller! ,You are the hero chosen to fulfill this objective. ,You represent the courage of the Aryan race. ,There has never There has never been a more glorious moment! I ,I cannot find words to express this through my emotion and tears. ,I'm filled with emotion, Commander! ,I will fulfill this sacred duty at the cost of my life! ,Commence singing of the anthem! Raise our flag up high! Pave the road ahead of us! We, the strike force Will firmly march forward! Towards the last battle Hey, hey, hey. ,Take a look at this, Dutch. They're holding a concert. ,It's some distasteful marching song. ,I can hear it. ,You have a worthless guy live it up by raising his useless self onto a podium ,and you end up with a march-loving idiot. ,It's a common formula you'll find anywhere. ,What do you think, as a white man? ,That kinda machismo doesn't agree with me. ,Besides, I'm Jewish. " k the Nazis" was a family creed. ,Oh right, I forgot. ,By the way, are the beacons on yet? ,They're both still in the submarine. ,Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do but pick at each other's politics. ,I'm not worried about the job, but I am worried about the time. ,Yeah. That'll always be a problem. ,If we had the time to retrieve it I'd take the whole sub back to port. ,That way,

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