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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

JACK 2 Oxfordshire

Online Radio JACK 2 Oxfordshire, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site He's room subleader. Somehow, a student from a non-affiliated school like me got chosen. What? You're an non-affiliated student? It's amazing since it's hard to get in here. Hey, wait! I'm the one you hit with the ball and you ignore me! Hey! Huh? Your breath stinks. What did you say?! What's wrong, Dan? Nothing. Um, what's your name again? Section room leader, the great Kikuma Togo, remember it! Sure. Sorry to hit you, Kikuma. Then, let's get back on it. Yeah! He's like a live action adaptation from a girl's comic. Dan is such a nice guy. He's also popular. Whoa! You surprised me. Don't be happy, Komei! Every room leader is a rival. Sorry. I'll stick snot on you! Whoa, how dirty! Hey! My home's this way. See you. Bye then. See you tomorrow! You're Teiichi and Komei, was it? Have some business with me? We've been found! Well As we are both room leaders, I'm thinking that we should deepen our friendship. What the? Is that it? Woopsie! Then come by our house. What? We're near, we're near. Okay! We're here. Here. Here? Yup. I'm home. Dan Hey, Dan I'm making dinner, so play along with the midgets a little bit. One, two! Thank you for the food! Okay, let's eat. Come on, eat up. Delicious. It's delicious! Hey, hey, you should eat this too, Teiichi. This is really delicious. Sorry but I'm full. Yeah. Suzu, is it delicious? Yeah, it's delicious! Dan. Hm? Where are your parents? My father's already dead. And my mother's out at work. I don't mean to be impolite, but it's a wonder you entered in a private school. I actually intended to work, but I was recommended with a scholarship to study in Kaitei. It is said that it's very difficult to pass the middle and high school entrance examinations who are non-affiliated. Moreover, in order to get a scholarship, you need to get a score close to full mark. You must be a super high schooler. He is number one in everything! Heh. I wonder about that. Teiichi. You're quite funny. Come on, eat a bit. Hmm Then only a bit. It's good. It's good! Teiichi, the fried chicken tenders are also good.

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