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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Asian Sound Radio

Online Radio Asian Sound Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I could show those parading idiots ,on that piece of crap ship what their Fuhrer went through. ,I feel the same way. ,Hey, this isn't good. Those guys are up to something. ,They're lowering a pod. ,At this rate they're gonna face each other in the submarine. ,What should we do, Dutch? ,There's nothing we can do. They still have TOWs. ,It bugs me to say so, but we'll wait for our chance like a snake. ,If you want, you can pray while you shit. ,That's about all we can do now. ,Phew. Big catch, big catch. ,I found everything from the iron crosses to stuff maniacs will drool over ,a treasure mountain worthy of a grave robber's dreams. ,Revy. ,I've been thinking a lot and ,Let's leave that here. ,Hey now, give me a break. ,"Thou shalt not steal"? ,When did you become a priest? ,That's not my point. ,Those medals are proof of what these people did. ,We don't have the right to strip them of those. ,If anyone has the right to those medals ,it's these people. Isn't that right? ,It was right next to his body. ,The captain had this on him right until the end. ,The captain left his family to come here. ,To us the medals are nothing but antiques. ,But to the people who were left behind they're priceless memories. ,So that's how you think. ,I see. Given this location and all. ,I've got a story that's perfect for this atmosphere. ,I'll tell you a little secret, Rock. ,Let me ask you this. ,This, and this. What would you call these? ,A medal and a human skull. ,You're wrong, Rock. ,These are things. ,When you strip away their meanings, that's all they are. ,Just the word "things". ,And if you were to once again give these things meaning ,their value wouldn't be determined by some rosy, so-called memory. ,It would be determined by the one thing everybody agrees on. ,Money. ,That's all these are worth. ,The rest is nothing but fancy words to add appreciation. ,Is money God? ,It's power. Something a lot more useful than God. ,Rock. Besides this, what do you put value on? ,God? Love? Don't make me laugh. ,Back when I was a brat, and crawling the streets of that dump ,for whatever reason,

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