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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BBC Sheffield

Online Radio BBC Sheffield, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site God and love were always out of stock. ,Before I knew better, I clung to and cried out to God. ,Well, I believed in God ,right up to the day cops beat the hell outta me for something I didn't do. ,It was just because I lived in a poor neighborhood. ,With no power and no God, what can a Chinese bitch rely on? ,It's money. And guns. ,With those two things, the world's a great place. ,I'd rather not have heard that. Sorry. ,Shut up. ,If I wanted pity I would've added more color to the story. ,The moral of the story is that when you're living on life's edge ,that's all that matters. ,Not everybody can get off on being normal, Rock. ,And one more thing. ,There are wealthy fat bastards living by palm trees ,and bitches who think putting on makeup is life's greatest work. ,I don't want you speaking your mind from the same viewpoint as those hypocrites. ,There's nothing worse than being treated like a whore by your companions. ,So the next time you try telling me what's proper, you'll no longer be one of us. ,When that happens I'm gonna kill you. ,Yeah, I got it. ,Revy. What was that? ,Revy! ,Go somewhere where bullets won't find you, and keep quiet, Rock. ,The only ones that knock on a door in a place like this are ghosts or villains. ,And since ghosts don't exist in this world ,that would mean we've got troublemakers. ,We left our gear on the other side. ,There's only one passageway. There's no escape. ,One. ,Two. ,There are more. ,Rock, you have a lot to learn. ,What you need to listen for are the guns on their belts. ,What do we do? ,What do we do? ,Why, that's obvious. Kill them all! ,Rock, get our air! ,Grave-robbers. There are two of them. ,John! Around to the other side! ,Rock! Get down! ,Damn it. The painting. ,It's Brunhilda. We got it! Cover me. I'm off. ,They got the painting. ,Yeah. ,They're not getting away that easily! ,Disconnect the pod! ,But Richert and the others are still down there! ,Forget them. They're already dead. Hurry! ,Run Rock! We need to get to our gear! ,The beacons are on. ,Where are they? ,Directly above the submarine.

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