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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Capital Derbyshire

Online Radio Capital Derbyshire, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site ,What are they doing? Where are they going? ,Their position isn't changing. They're going straight up. ,Towards the Nazi mother ship. ,We did it, Captain. We have the painting. You did well! But we have enemies. ,She can't be planning to do it. ,Revy and Rock don't know who they're up against. She's probably gonna do it. ,Damn it. These guys shoot anti-tank missiles without warning. ,Revy's equipment isn't gonna be enough. ,If she surfaces without a clue, it's gonna be over. ,Not yet. It's too soon. ,But Dutch. ,Want to show some bravado, charge in, and all go to hell together? ,It may paint a great picture, but it won't be much of an ending, boy. ,Just pray that Revy hasn't snapped yet. ,The grave robbers are coming up. ,The grave robbers are coming up! ,Get ready to fire the machine gun! ,Fire! They started. Is it all right? If they're still shooting, it means they're alive. They've stopped shooting. Looks that way. We got them! They've sunk! ,You idiots. ,It was your misfortune to touch our glorious inheritance with your dirty hands. ,You can regret it at the bottom of the dark sea. ,Retrieve the pod. We're leaving this area. ,The beacons are still active. They're drifting southeast, away from the ship. ,I can't tell whether they're dead or alive. ,Can you hear me, Dutch? Yeah. Their mother ship is moving. Shall we go and pick up some bones? That's a harsh remark, boy. My nerves aren't as tough as yours. I know. Revy, look. There's our boat. ,So they got away with the goods. ,Who the hell are they? Those bald bastards. ,They're Nazis. Leftovers from the dark ages. ,I don't know which country they came from, though. ,Damn it, this isn't funny. The skinheads got one over us? ,It's not over yet, Revy. The job we took on isn't finished. ,Let's do it, Dutch! Let's turn the Nazi Party into a bloody party. ,Agreed. ,Putting politics aside, it's not good for business to let them have it their way. ,Idiots playing heroes need some bitter medicine. Let's give it to them. ,Yeah. ,Black Lagoon Next Episode,,,,,,{\blur\pos(,)}Next Episode ,But Dutch, it's just not possible.

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