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Friday, April 13, 2018

BBC Radio Wales

Online Radio BBBC Radio Wales, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I just want to play the piano. But even so Teiichi! Teiichi! Brother! Ah I will go to waterfall training. Teiichi Something turned on within me at that moment. And then, I pledged with my heart that I will make my own country. I will do whatever it takes to achieve that. The saying "fair and square" has been deleted in the Teiichi dictionary. Akaba Here they are. Thank you. Welcome home, Father. How was school? Nothing special. The speech as a freshman representative also went smoothly. Good. First, you have to become the room leader. With your achievements, you will be chosen without problems. But to make sure, I've also increased the donation. Dear, stop talking about that subject this soon as he entered high school. Teiichi, it would be nice if you could make lots of friends. Mother, I didn't advance to high school to make friends. Well said. Don't lose to Kikuma Togo even if kills you! Yes, Sir. How is Hanazawa Girls Academy? All girls are too pampered that it's boring. It's a normal greeting to use "Fair tidings to you". That won't suit you, Mimiko. How rude. Anyway, why are we using paper cup phones? It is prohibited in Kaitei High to have a relationship with a girl. And a scandal for a politician is fatal, right? There's no need to worry if it's wiretapped if we're using this. You're that far as a precaution? Ah, how was school? There was a nice tension. I took a step forward for my dream after all. Hey, have you recently played piano? No. That's a waste. You've got the talent to become a pro. I want to hear you play again. Mimiko There comes a time when a person have to seriously fight with their life.. There are those who do with university and employment examinations, right? But for me, that time is now. That's why playing the piano for me can come later. Okay. I understand. I'll cheer for you. Thank you. I love you. Me too. Stand! Bow! Be seated! The criteria for becoming a room leader are: One! He must have high morals! In order to become the student council president, one must first be a room leader, and is an absolute condition to join the "Student council"

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