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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blast Radio

Online Radio Blast Radio UK, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I will now announce it then. The room leader is Teiichi Akaba! As I thought it would be Teiichi. Here. Mr Kawamata, it's an honor for you to choose me. For the growth of the class, I will do my very best. Then select a room subleader until tomorrow. I have already decided. The room subleader is Komei Sakakibara! I humbly accept. Teiichi, I'm off to pee. Okay. I'll go too. Those two really get along well. Kawamata, begin. Understood, Mr Principal. Section 's room leader is Teiichi Akaba. Donation: million. Oh! Room subleader, Komei Sakakibara. Donation: million. They are the president and vice-president during Kaitei Junior High. The Section 's room leader is Kikuma Togo. Donation: million. Room subleader is Nishizo Nezu. Donation: million. As expected, Section is Kikuma and Nishizo. How troublesome. But everyone is saying you're a leading contender. If there is hope that is easy to make just like this listening device, it would be a tremendous strength. Ha! So you intend to be the student council president to clear your parent's dissatisfaction? Teiichi, I'll take the student council president's place next year. I will give you the same humiliation like your old man. Kikuma, stop talking like that. Komei! I'll buy you. Stop sticking with such a loser and join my faction. No. Since you have bad breath. Komei, let's go. Running away? I will not fight anyone. The elections of student council president is a fight within oneself. I really hate that part of you playing goody two shoes! I know for sure that your personality is rotten! Your scent of evil is Ah! It smells! It smells! Nishizo! At least I don't have a bad breath like you. Don't get cocky. Nipple attack! Ouch! Shall I bully you just like old times? Look, your legs are shaking. Ah, sorry, sorry. Are you okay? Thanks. Wait. Aren't you the one who did the speech at the entrance ceremony? I'm section 's room leader, Teiichi Akaba. I'm Komei Sakakibara, meow. I see, I see. I'm section 's room leader, Dan Otaka. Nice to meet you. Section ? Shouldn't it be Sasaki on section ?

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