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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pirate 2

Online Radio Pirate 2, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site points! So we're even first. Good going, Dan! Mathematics. Mathematics! Dan Otaka: points! Teiichi Akaba: points! Ah! Ah! point point Hey, hey, hey. Don't get upset. Raise your head! It's just point difference! Yes Yes! English. English! Dan Otaka: points! Teiichi Akaba: points! Hell yeah! It has begun! You can do it! Yeah! I I'm not afraid of Dan Otaka! Yeah, don't be afraid! Best in Japan! Hell yeah! Social Studies! Social Studies! Social Studies! Social Studies! Dan Otaka: points! Teiichi Akaba: points. points points Having arrived here, points is huge What's wrong? Huh? points. What's wrong? Will you stop now? Hm? Will you accept defeat? The word "defeat" is not in the Teiichi dictionary! Final subject: Science! Science! Science! Science! Dan Otaka: points! Teiichi Akaba: points! Perfect score! Ah! Thank goodness! I have protected my country! Dan Otaka: points. Teiichi Akaba: points. Even though it's unofficial, with point difference, it's your win! Hey, Teiichi. What do you think that you won the exams? I think that I can only live in order to win! I don't want to be just a loser dog! Fool! You're a dog. Become a dog! And then become a winner dog! Winner dog Stand! Bow! Be seated! Then first of all, we will be hearing a few words of declaration of resolve for each room leaders from the first years. Section Teiichi Akaba. Yes, Sir! I can feel joy to be able to join the student council activities from the bottom of my heart. But I will not purposely show off myself in this place. Because I, Teiichi Akaba, will express with my utmost behavior from now on. I humbly ask for your guidance and encouragement. Next, section Kikuma Togo. Yes, Sir! I have a special skill called information gathering ability. If there is something bothering you, I will tenaciously see to it until the end that I get the information you need. So please use me as if I am your hands and feet. I will never harm you. I am Kikuma Kikuma Togo. So he made an impression to be someone useful. He's good. Last from section Dan Otaka. Okay. I guess I don't really have a declaration of resolve just like everyone.

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