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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pirate Oldies Cornwall

Online Radio Baslık, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Well, I just want to make the school fun. I'll do my best! Thanks. So he's just a small fry. I even won our match. So the Montgomery strategy went well. I acquired the problems. It's thanks to your strategy. The treasurer will now report on the breakdown of the budgetary requests of club activities for this year. Please look at your documents at hand. First, in this year's club activities The greatest characteristic of the Kaitai High are the first year and second year council members present here that the student council president is decided by voting from these people. And from six of the second year room leaders, President Doyama has the power to choose three as the next presidential candidate. Komei. Here. The best shortcut to become the student council president is to find out the next presidential candidate and enter the most influential faction. These three seem tough. Yeah. First is section 's Shota Honda. A typical politician clan. He was born in a place that is perfect. Even though his lineage has amazingly gentle lifestyle, there is a possibility that he's fairly collecting votes. Just that he's too meek. And he was also at fault in dropping the lighting in last year's school festival. Take care. Have a nice day, Sir. And there's section 's Okuto Morizono. Since Kaitei Junior High until now, he is a prodigy that has the highest grades. He is a master of shogi and is said that he can read a thousand moves ahead. I accept defeat. I accept defeat. Also, as a childhood friend of President Doyama, he might be giving advice for the management of the student council. He has a high chance as a candidate! But there is someone ahead of him. I know. Section 's Roland Himuro That uniform is of Kaitei's. Hey! Hey, do you feel nervous? During junior high, only those two stand out. What's wrong? What's wrong? Let's do it, Koma. Yeah. Ouch! We were stricken by Kaitei's Himuro! Bunch of scum. We are the people who will reach the top. If some people picks a fight to Kaitei students, he is a superhero who will surely beat them at their own game.

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