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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Polish Radio London

Online Polish Radio London, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site In order for President Doyama to be the student council president, the highest contributor in voting was Sir Himuro. To whom should I be a dog among them I have decided! Arf! Excuse me! Akaba is looking away and looks like he's not listening. Teiichi Akaba! Repeat what has been reported now! Oh crap. Serves you right. Yes, Sir! In addition to the approximate requested amount of each club activity, in order to advance the emphasis on the fairness of this year's budget, prioritized task recommendation limit was established. Each activity also takes into consideration the request calculation within the range corresponding to the requested basic amount. And then, there will be examination on the process of budget compilation. By the way, regarding the expenditure budget total, there is a misprint in the sum of the amount of approximate demand. Shouldn't it be ,, yen, instead of ,, yen? I think the increase of .% over the previous year is more correct. Oh! That side part hair is good. That concludes the report. Next is regarding the management of the student council general meeting. President Doyama. Could you please let me direct the general assembly? Are there any more candidates? Himuro. Thank you very much. First year gentlemen. A student general assembly is when President Doyama is in front of all the students. For us, the student council, it is a big stage where the club activities' and committee's budget approval is conducted. It is a sacred ceremony. It is also the occasion of your first job as first years. Let me say this. Any failure in all sections is unacceptable. The ones who commit a mistake will have to commit imaginary ritual suicide! Imaginary ritual suicide?! They will be considered dead to the student council. Their future will be cut off. Sir Himuro! What is it? I happen to overhear that last year, there was a student who dropped the school flag at the stage, and gave disgrace to the president it seems. Yes. He was dismissed as the room leader and was expelled. But He insisted he was innocent until the end, didn't he? Saying he was framed by someone.

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