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Thursday, May 10, 2018

BFBS Radio Northern Ireland

Online BFBS Radio Northern Ireland, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. We can do a quickie. Babe, there's a lot of people in the house. You sure? Who cares? Come on. Oh, shit! Whoa! Son, God damn it! I'm your daddy, I can't see shit like that. Oh, no! We got real hard ey. You all right, girl? He didn't hurt you? Unless you want him to. Damn, I'm on a roll this morning. I'm proud of you, boy. Hey, look here. I know you proud too, Courtney. Look at me. Hey, show 'em how the Stankershet men get down. Pop that thing, boy. Don't be shy. And watch this... Pop that thing. Your mamma knows what it's all about. Pop that coochie. Pop that coochie, baby! Pop that coochie, baby! Hey, hey, hey! Daddy! Who's ready for the beach? We gonna go, and give y'all some privacy. Yeah, we got some things to do. Pop that coochie, baby! Pop that coochie, baby! Come on, let's go. Babe. I like that song. Yeah, baby! You all look so prepared. Are you going for a swim? We don't swim, but we dance, baby! We want the funk, ow! Gotta have that funk We want the funk Sing it! Gotta have that funk

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