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Friday, September 21, 2018

Blast Reloaded

Online Radio Blast Reloaded, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Just enjoy yourselves. Happy anniversary. Hear that? Thank you. Take care. Who wants to watch TV? Me! Mia, this place looks expensive. Came on. It's our anniversary, babe. Aren't we entitled to splurge a little just an this day? Happy anniversary. I'll just take this call. One second, sweetheart. Hello. Yes, Bryan. Good evening. No. I just wanted to ask if you rook care of Mr. Yap's requests. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Sorry. Let's eat. Excuse me. Bryan! No. The documents were addressed to Jane, not Madie. Please check those properly. Okay? Bye. I'm sorry. We're dealing with an important client... that's why everyone in the company is involved. It's okay. Let's eat. Sweetheart, it's my boss. Let me take it. Sir? Yes, sir. We're working on it now, sir. Bryan, please make sure that all the requirements... are on Carl's desk by tomorrow at ten... okay? Thank you. Good night. Rod, I'm so sorry. It's okay. There were delays in the office, that's why... I said it's okay. Let's? I told the kids we'll be home around ten.

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