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Monday, September 17, 2018

Capital Liverpool 107.69 fm

Online Radio Capital Liverpool 107.69 fm, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site And why? So she could bring home her sugar daddy! Wait a second. Why are you so mad at Aida? Our neighbor hasn't done you any wrong. Oh please, babe... I'm a wife. A legal wife. If she can manage to steal another woman's husband... who lives far away from her, why should I feel safe? Her place is just a spit away from ours. Mia, are you jealous? Do I look like the kind of guy who would go for a woman like Aida? Well, I don't know. You just bonded at the kids' school once, and now you're inseparable. You're best buddies now... you even watch soap operas together, right? Wow! What's wrong with you? Are you possessed or just having your period? But you said he stays at home all day. How can he find a job if he's just home? Don't tell me he's waiting for job opportunities to just come to him. Come an. Of course nut. He can always apply online. Besides, he's running the house right now... because Inday hasn't come home from the province. Rod is doing the house work? Yes. And not just ordinary house work. He's very particular about cleanliness.

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