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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Radio Big L

Online Radio Big L, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. SMS: 07988 703 141 Tel: 01255 808 113 Address: Connaught Avenue Frinton-on-Sea I'll bet on it. No bet, you'd win. How about tomorrow? Fine. Why don't I pick you up? voices arguing Hawaiian music starts Honey, no hunk of man is worth the risk. This isn't a risk, it's an investment. I need somebody on the outside to help handle things for me. Always an angle. Well, why not? They pay off. If Adkins gets wise, he'll beat those angles black and blue. The way I feel these days, I could take Adkins and his goon squad in the same ring. whistles Your date can't be that expensive. Comic. Now don't forget to alibi for me if anything comes up. I can't talk you out of going? Nope. Okay. Anybody asks, I say you went to the dentist. Bertha goes for things hygienic. Okay. Rise and shine, lady. Not a stool pigeon in sight. This is a rough way to keep a date. Climb over and keep me company. I need the elbow room. I got something I want to show you. Twenty-two hundred dollars! That's more money than my old man made in several years. It's more than I've ever seen in one bundle. You mean to tell me you made all that selling phony champagne?

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