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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Radio Bloodstream

Online Radio Bloodstream, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Tel: +44 7986 013753 Mm-hmm. That, plus the dances and my sitting-out time. Leesburg, get out your loudest band. Here comes Mamie Stover. Yes, ma'am. The Cotton Queen comes home in style. Beat those drums for your Mississippi Cinderella. I'm glad you're going home, Mamie. No, not yet, Jimmy. This is only the beginning. Why, I'm averaging $ and $ a night for my cut. That kind of arithmetic may never get you home. Sure it will, but there's no rush. Besides, you stop trying to chase me out of town. Remember, you're talking to Bertha Parchman's number one girl. Rich, too. Bertha's even having a song written about me. What, an up-to-date version of “Ten Cents a Dance”? No. I'm gonna be famous. Well, if I'm coaxed, I might buy a copy. If I'm coaxed, I might autograph it. Here we are. Here's one of the reasons my island's different, Mamie. Just you and me and the ocean, huh? And a picnic lunch. I didn't know you played golf. Oh, not too often. Just mornings and afternoons. Where do you play? The country club. She play too? Who? The girl on the dock.

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