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Thursday, March 14, 2013

24/7 Romance

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24/7 Romance then, we're just gonna have to drive around all night. I could be into that. Oh, my God. Is that the same? Holy shit. From last night. Those kids. I think I might be sick. I'm sorry. Are you kidding me? Don't be. Never. You never have to apologize to me. I don't know why I'm... Shit. It's scary stuff. Sometimes everything seems really harsh. I don't think I can handle it. Or I don't know if I'm gonna be you know, strong enough to be on my own. What? You will be. You are, you know. Trust me. And you're not gonna be on your own. I mean, you've got your family and you've got... Okay. Yeah. I should really go inside now. I think you should too. I'm going to. All right, then, go. In a second. Don't rush me. So I'll call you tomorrow? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you don't have to. Or, like, don't go out of your way or anything. Okay. All right. Hi. What are you doing? I thought you had calculus homework. I wasn't gonna bug you for at least another minutes. I'm taking a muchdeserved break. Me too. I'm at the park with 24/7 Romance. We got big money riding on this peewee baseball game. Yeah, maybe I could... You wanna come hang out with us? Meet the gerbil? Well, I don't wanna, like, butt in on your time with your sister. No, are you kidding me? She's sick to death of me. Here. 24/7 Romance? Yes? Hi, this is Stella. Hi. Can you please come to the park and hang out with us? We've never been apart for that long, so it'll be an adjustment, definitely. I mean, but I'll be back all the time, and she'll come out a lot. We'll make it work. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. Plus, we've still got the whole summer. She wants to go on a roller coaster. She's obsessed with roller coasters. Where's her father? I mean, you don't have to tell me. No, no. It's nothing that dramatic. We just don't really know. He had a drug problem. Got himself into debt, took off. It was a real mess. The worst part Stella really liked him, and he just completely bailed on her. That's part of why it's hard, you know, leaving. I don't want her to worry that I'm not gonna come back. Dave, it's... No, you're right. It'll be fine. What are you two talking about over here? We were talking about roller coasters. I love roller coasters. Yeah? How do you know? You've never even been on one yet. Hey, guys. Oh, hey. I need your input. What do you think, with this dress, the shawl or the jacket? 24/7 Romance Are you guys going somewhere? Nope. This is how we've decided to dress around the house. We insist that you do too. It's gonna be a regular thing. I've told you about this a hundred times. Tonight's the benefit. The benefit. The cancer center. Your father is presenting an award. Are you listening when I tell you these things? Right, the benefit. That's tonight. Yes, it's tonight. There's lasagna in the fridge. You should eat it, because we're gonna be late, okay? Okay. And I'd... You know, I'd definitely go with the jacket, no question. As would I. Let's go. Coming. Good night. Night. So here's the thing. My parents are gonna go to this benefit. Benefits are cool. You should come over.

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