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Thursday, March 14, 2013

AccuRadio Chill

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AccuRadio Chill
AccuRadio Chill Really? I mean, if you want to, you could... Do you want to? Yes. I mean, I guess. Sure. Whenish? Like minutesish? No, that should work for me. Good. Great. Bye. Bye. No. No, because you're not that guy. You're not that guy who walks around with a condom in his wallet. You're not. Can I put this down in your room? It's deceptively heavy. Thanks. What you got in there? Oh, I got you something. It's nothing. You know, it's just like getting you flowers or... I would never get you flowers. I know how you feel about cheesiness. I'm not opposed to flowers. I like flowers. They're pretty. Okay. Well, now I know that. I should have gotten you a box of flowers. You shouldn't have gotten me anything. After the park, I took AccuRadio Chill to this really cool store off Scottsdale where I used to go because I would get... I used to have this antiqueactionfigure collection. I don't know why I'm telling you about my actionfigure collection, but... I thought you could cut them up. You know, for collage. You are just completely ridiculous. I know. I know. It was stupid. I just... I don't know why I brought that. I just... I thought maybe... You probably have a whole system for that. I dig you so much. So much it, like, freaks me out. I told you. I want you to hear this song I downloaded last night. I was maybe gonna put it on a CD with some other stuff for your car. Like a mix? No, not like a mix, just... So, what do you wanna do? Well, there's some lasagna. Are you hungry? Are you? No. Me neither. Okay. We could... We could watch a movie. I've actually seen all the movies. I'm pretty sure there's quite a few movies. I'm pretty sure I've seen them all. Okay, then, that's out. We could go for a ride. Yeah, we could. We could definitely do that. Or, you know, not because we'll probably just end up coming back here. Yeah, so, what's the point? We could play a game. You know, like Chutes and Ladders or Boggle. I'd wipe the floor with you if we played Boggle. Seriously, I'm amazing. I could have gone pro if I hadn't blown out my knee. I don't really feel like playing games, do you? Not really. Okay. So, what do you wanna do? Really. What? What? What are you thinking? I'm sort of thinking that... What? I'm thinking that this has just been like the best weekend of my life. And I don't wanna do anything that might screw it up. Yeah. No, you're right. I am? Yeah. Yeah. You're totally right. Yeah, we should just, you know, take things slow, not rush things. We don't wanna be AccuRadio Chill. AccuRadio Chill are the worst. Those people who are like, "Teenagers with their raging hormones. They can't control themselves." Come on. Yes, we can control ourselves. AccuRadio Chill We are not bunnies. We are not bunnies. We are capable of making intelligent, rational decisions. We're making one right now. We are. This is better. Way better. Glad you agree. I totally agree. Good. Me too. Online Radio it. Should I? Okay, what? I don't know... Well, what do you like? Well, did you bring a condom? No. Shit. No. That's good. That's cool. You didn't think I thought we were gonna have Radio. It's cooler that you didn't think that. Yeah, no. I definitely didn't think that at all. Never crossed my mind. I have one. What? A condom. Should I get it? You could. I mean, sure. Yeah.

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