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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nexus Radio- Latin

Nexus Radio- Latin, Online Nexus Radio- Latin Radio internet, Nexus Radio- Latin Radio
well you gave your mom a shot, what about your dad? Well he's not in the picture. My father, um ha, let's put some beans out there, my father was a mariachi. Way l swear to God he was one of those straight-up you know, ra-ta-ta-ta And my mom hooked up with him about -plus years ago one night, and nine months later, tan-tan and l came out laughter So l have a vague memory of my father. l knew him until l was about maybe four years old. And then apparently they got the band back together and he took off. laughter l don't remember exactly what he looks like, and sometimes l'll take my mom out to dinner and l'll go, Mom l don't mean to bug you about this, what does he look like? Do you have any photos l can get and idea and stuff? And my mom she's funny, she grabs a hot sauce. high-pitched female He looks like that. That's funny, verdad? Eso està funny, verdad? laughs and screeches He look just like that. For those of you that don't know, there's a picture of a mariachi on the bottle of hot sauce. So, yeah we're doing okay. Somebody asked me, they say, Well on your first special that you got to do, you kept talking about this guy, this friend of yours named Felipe. ls he a real person? He is a real person. And he's an old friend. Known him forever. But he's one of these comedians who doesn't know when to stop being funny. And that's why it's hard sometimes to hang out with the guy, 'cause you know, l know when to quit. Especially around cops, when l hear gun cocks the joke is over. lf l hear you get an apology. My friend didn't know when to draw the line and we were hanging out one day and sure enough a freakin' cop got mad deep male voice Oh you think it's real funny, huh? You think it's easy to be a police officer? You see that scar? l got stabbed in '. See that? Bullet wound '. What do you got to say about that? And l was, like, l have nothin' to say about that. And my friend Felipe, is, like, Oh yeah? What are you doin'? Fool watch this. screech What are you doin'? He grabs my shirt, pulls it up, tells the cop, Fool you see those stretch marks? Doughnuts,. l said Dude, he's gonna kill us. l know, fool but it was funny, huh? And speaking of that, l get pulled over by a cop one night, two minutes after coming out of a Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Alright? Don't get ahead of me, watch l made a left turn instead of making a right but l wasn't paying attention 'cause l had a box, l was, like, gasp Oh you're gonna get it when you get home! Oh you've been so bad. So female screech you're gonna get it. l'm not paying attention l go the wrong way, right? rrr Sure enough shout Ohhh ! l pull over. rrr and screech M m. Later. ba-ba-ba l'm sitting there patiently waiting and the cop is taking forever. l said The hell with this, he's taking too long. l grab my box, l put it on my lap, l flipped it open right? And mmmm lascivious chuckle mmm high-pitched screeches Oh l was gonna get nasty. And just as l was about to tear it up, the cop gets to the window and says the same thing that they all say, right? deep male voice You know why l stopped you? lt was too easy. l looked at him and l said 'Cause you can smell it. Oh he was dying deep male Son of a ! Whatever, he let me go, man. So you just gotta be careful. lf you can make a cop laugh you got a chance. This past year, l got to experience something else. l experienced my first Raider game. loud cheering clapping booing Now, uh hey, listen you guys, it takes a lot of nerve for me to say that after the season that happened last year that l'm a fan. And l became a fan last year. cheering and whistling You can hate it if you want, but you know what? Not only did l become a fan l did a show in Oakland. And l made a couple of jokes and references about the team. And apparently there were two players in the audience. l didn't know that. Maybe that's why they lost. They shoulda been at home, practicing. But there were two there. And they confronted me outside. They were big guys like so, You got a problem with the Raiders, son? l'm like, screech They grabbed me, picked me up, and pinned me against the wall.

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