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Monday, December 14, 2015

Radio Heart 103 FM

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guys, Iet them hear it. All the troops! wild clapping and cheering Go ahead man. Go ahead. Go ahead. unintelligible Ven p'acà. Get to the mike, pendejo. Come here. All night you wanna say something now is your chance. You wanna scream. Ven p'acà. What have you been drinking all night? unintelligible? Budweiserrr. Bud Liiites. He even says it with an accent, huh? Budweiserrr! Bud Liiite! That's the way you do it. That's the way they allll do it. What's your question? Where's afterward? Last time l was here, we were told you were gonna be in one place and you were at another. I wanna take it from you. What are you asking? Where am l gonna be next? Where we all gonna go? After hours? Fuckin' Denny's. unintelligible East side? Hey. Hey. East side, north side, west side? south side? unintelligible. What'd you say? East side, north side, south side? Cabron it's cold we're gonna stay inside. I don't know which one is that. Alright, l guess that's it, you guys. Hey, listen l really cannot express how touched l am that you guys sold out two shows tonight, here at the very first place where l started. wild cheering This special is gonna air on Comedy Central either June or July and you guys can say you were part of it, and hopefully it looks really nice on TV. Maybe they'll cut off a pound or two. We'll definitely be back here, give us about another year and we'll be back to do it again and l love you guys, thank you for showing love. Have a good night! Thank you ! Captioned by Blue www.bIue .com male presenter Ladies and gentlemen Iive from the Fox Theater in beautifuI downtown BakersfieId put your hands together, show your love for Martin Moreno! cheering and shouting Woo! Bakersfield ! How are you guys feeling tonight? loud cheering We got a packed house, thank you for coming out, thank you very much for the Latinos in the house. M uchas gracias. Where you at, Rosa? We got enough Latinos in here to start a march. That's beautiful. Where's the white people? Make some noise, white people! loud cheering and shouting Wow. We are not marching anywhere. laughter Get back to work! Where's the black folks? Make some noise, black folks! a few voices audience laughs Alright, two! Well that's all we need to keep the white people distracted from the Latinos in the house. l love black folks. Black guys have got to be the coolest men on the planet. You know that? That's right. l'll tell you right now. A black guy could punk a white guy into some fashion. laughter A black guy could show up wearing a clown suit talking it's a clown suit, es! Honk honk, that's my cell phone, nigga. laughter There'd be a white guy behind him Holy we gotta get a clown suit. They are cool. Latinos, we got it all twisted. We thought hard work was gonna do the trick. lt's hard work being Latino, right? You gotta sneak in through the desert, get a job without an l D, learn how to speak English. Black folks tried hard work for years, you see where that got them. A boat showed up to Africa, it was a messed-up trip but a boat showed up. Can you imagine if a boat showed up in Mexico? Latinos would be running each other over, trying to get on. Vamonos, cabron call your tio, it's free, let's go! you think we fit a lot of people in a car? Mess around and give us a boat? We'll have people hanging from that anchor, Take me too! Oh man l talk a lot of. lt looks like we got a lot of couples in the house. Couples, where you at? Make some noise, couples. much shouting Wow. Better you than me. l was married one time, had a traditional Latino Catholic wedding. Very traditional. My girlfriend was pregnant. laughter My son was the best man. lt was traditional. l'm not doing it again though. And l knew marriage wasn't for me, because at the wedding they were throwing minute rice. l knew it wasn't gonna last, right? And my favorite part out of the whole wedding thing was the bachelor party. Are you kidding? Free beers, free lapdances, that's a good time, right? Because strip clubs are expensive when you gotta pay, right? You got a big ol' cover charge, you get all mad l shoulda brought

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